Over the years European fortified sites have been transforming into places for participation in arts, culture and memory. They also reveal their potential in regional sustainable development and climate change adaptation. The 2022 EFFORTS Europe congress is organised on fortified heritage revitalisation subjects: horizontal integration of the role of fortified heritage, re-use and adaptation strategies, and social integration and creative innovation in local communities.

Read underneath the results of this European Fortified Heritage community co-creation: the 2022 EFFORTS CONGRESS, partner of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022 online presentations and the EFFORTS STATEMENT OF KAUNAS :


Programme of the congress

EFFORTS Congress and AWARD slides

Frank Petter president speech

Kaunas Cultural Capital of Europe 2022 Dovule Butnoriute

Alessia Zampini U. Bologna Dissonant Heritage

Artjoms Mahlins Daugavpils_221006

Daniele Sferra 2022 09 17 Joint Scientific and Expert Committee draft Declaration

Daniele Sferra Joint Sc Exp Committee 22.10.03 KAUNAS JSC

Dirk Röder Forte Cultura Kaunas_European Fortress Summer_07.10.22

Durda V Saric StJohnsFortressSibenik – Kaunas

European Heritage Volunteers presentation

Evelina Simkute 2022 10 EFFORTS Congress Pranesimas

Gerdy Verschuure Zuiderwaterlinie_presentationKaunas

Gilbert Soeters Maastricht Presentatie congres Efforts Kaunas 2023

Olha Tikhonova Ukraine Presentation First Results

Pal Isdahl Solberg 221005 – From Place to Space

Romualdas Adomavičius Nerija fort EFFORTS 2022 Kaunas

Titas Tamkvaitis Skaidrės 2022-10-06

Vytautas Buinevicius Co-creating Cities Kaunas

Vytenis Podėnas (2022) Lithuanian hillforts2

the Facebook event

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