NO TO WAR ! STOP the attack on people and heritage.

EFFORTS and its member FORTE CULTURA adopted at the FORTE CULTURA 2022 April Terezin Conference a Declaration against the war of aggression against Ukraine and its people.  Our EU Member States and cities are doing alot.  However, at the request of its member sites, EFFORTS, together with FORTE CULTURA are helping its members to connect at their level with Ukrainian fortified heritage cities and sites.

Do you as an EFFORTS / FORTE CULTURA site want to join this Cooperation,  partner with a Ukrainian site? The cooperation is focused around a Twinning Programme: go through the presentation and first results hereby (we presented the Programme on 21 April online), learn in the second presentation on fortified heritage in Ukraine,  and if you have questions or want us to help you find a partner site: send a mail to info@efforts-europe.eu.

#standbyukraine #weareefforts

2022 04 21 EFFC_Ukraine Presentation and First Results since

Information on Ukraine fortifications:

Bastioned fortified sites Ukraine, presentation by Olha Tikhonova

Meet Forte Cultura member / EFFORTS partner : Medzybizh fortress in Ukraine (see also photo), twinned with EFFORTS / Forte Cultura member Kostrzyn (PL) :


Join us in the Europa Nostra Ukrainian heritage crowdfunding campaign: 





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