In order to present Europe’s forts and fortifications to a larger European public, international partners, together with EFFORTS, the European Federation of Fortified Sites and defence lines and its partner FORTE CULTURA  present the annual Europe-wide event ‘European Fortress Summer’.  From all participants, the annual EFFORTS AWARD is selected and presented at the EFFORTS annual congress. 


European Fortress Summer brings together events on sites of fortified heritage spanning the larger summer season (May to September).  By registering on this website, JOIN US,  and your site and event will

-be part of the European Fortress Summer agenda with dozens of European Fortified sites’ events

-be communicated on EFFORTS Europe FORTE CULTURA social media

-be presented at the October 2022 EFFORTS Congress and compete for the EFFORTS AWARD.  

In 2022 the EUROPEAN FORTRESS SUMMER EVENT is ‘EFFORTS Goes Green’, using your event as a showcase for EU Green Deal Actions.

After registration, communicate your event, to the public  anywhere,  and the event can be anywhere during the summer, tag your social media posts with #effortseurope #europeanfortresssummer, take note of visitor numbers and send on by 30 September the event participant amount number, with good photos or film (especially with people).

Good luck ! Enjoy the European Fortress Summer !





In its first edition in 2018, in the European Year of Cultural Heritage, 69 fortified sites in 9 countries participated in European Fortress Day.

The second edition of European Fortress Day in 2019 counted 100 participants !

Covid-19 respecting, only a handful of Europe’s fortified sites participated in 2020. All sites received the EFFORTS AWARD.







In 2021,  European Fortress Summer was organised again. EFFORTS is proud that it will constituted the OPENING of the 2021 EUROPEAN FORTRESS SUMMER, organised with our partner FORTE CULTURA.



The European Fortress Day Concept (2019)


For centuries, fortifications have been used to fend off enemies. Today, our fortress heritage is used to welcome the public in a peaceful manner. European Fortress Day is the best way to show our Europe-wide diversity to its citizens.

Europe is a patchwork of cultural diversity, and we are connecting the dots: together and all over Europe celebrating the second European Fortress Day.

This event coincides with the European Heritage Days,  therefore the European Fortress Day can take place on different dates in different countries.

Send us your photos and let us know how you have experienced European Fortress Day.


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