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EFFORTS member network 2020


At the conferences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL), Spandau (Berlin – DE) based on long year cooperation between most of the partners, we made sure that right from the start of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, the EFFORTS association was up and running.

EFFORTS defends the interests of local and regional authorities and represents this important part of Europe’s history towards the EU institutions and beyond.

Working with representatives from all European countries, EFFORTS:

  • establishes a permanent European network of fortified heritage sites
  • sets up practical partnerships between scientific experts, policy makers, enterprises and practitioners in order to allocate means for innovative development of sites
  • provides an international exchange of information and research and expertise on innovative (re)use of fortified heritage
  • recognizes the tangible and intangible values and social and economic significance of fortified heritage
  • supports members in the development of fortification heritage
  • understands and promotes the regeneration and redevelopment of fortified sites and their surrounding urban and rural landscape
  • promotes accessibility for citizens and meaningful sustainable reuse of fortified heritage
  • highlights and raises the profile of fortified heritage, such as walled towns, fortresses and defensive lines