Contact information and tasks in the EFFORTS Europe Network


General contact :
Rafaël Deroo  EFFORTS Secretary General) +32 (0)477 623 792

Board members :

Frank Petter (Mayor City of Bergen op Zoom) – president of the board, operations, NETHERLANDS

Anne-Wil Maris (Zuiderwaterlinie, Netherlands) – secretary of the board, communication and EFFORTS AWARD

Daniele Sferra (Fondazione Forte Marghera, Italy) – treasurer, of the board international relations, ITALY, MALTA, EFFORTS Knowledge Center and Joint Scientific and Expert Committee

Tuija Lind (Governing Body of Suomenlinna, Finland), ICOMOS / ICOFORT, FINLAND, SCANDINAVIA, FRANCE

Dirk Röder (Forte Cultura, Germany) – GERMANY, CENTRAL EUROPE, Berlin EFFORTS OFFICE, European Fortress Summer

Egidius Bagdonas (Kaunas Fortress Park, Lithuania) – BALTIC region

Ɖurđa Vrjlević Šarić (Fortress of Culture Sibenik, Croatia) – EU funding, CROATIA, SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE

Luc Olyslager (Simon Stevin Vlaams Vestingbouwkunding Centrum, Belgium) – IFC-link, BELGIUM

Darragh O’Suilleabhain (Fort Meagher Cork County, Ireland) –  EU funding, IRELAND and UNITED KINGDOM

Gilbert Soeters (City of Maastricht) – ICOMOS, Congress EFFORTS 2023

Annette Bronsvoort (City of Oost Gelre, Netherlands) – Spanish Route (Via Hispania) Cultural Route

Juke van Niekerk (Stichting Liniebreed Ondernemen, Netherlands) – communication Netherlands