Other contact information:

Peter Ros, vice-president: peter.ros@efforts-europe.eu
Andrea Bonifacio, treasurer: andrea.bonifacio@efforts-europe.eu
Alessio Bellin, funding: alessio.bellin@efforts-europe.eu
Tuija Lind, science: tuija.lind@efforts-europe.eu
Karen Gysen, national delegations: karen.gysen@efforts-europe.eu
Frank Petter, president: frank.petter@efforts-europe.eu
Huib van Olden, secretary & procedures of the association: huib.van.olden@efforts-europe.eu
Andrea Theissen, international relations & European Fortress Day: andrea.theissen@efforts-europe.eu
Raf Deroo, EU liaison: raf.deroo@efforts-europe.eu

Peter Ros, vice-president: +31 6 5240 1597
Raf Deroo, EU liaison (Efforts Office Brussels): +32 4 7762 3792